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And with these observations, it became clear that this was a policy whose writing had not a single drop of sweat spent on survivors. The other students and I sat in several meetings, shared the concerns, real stories, and the truth of how each of our lives had changed. Emails after emails were sent, and at the meetings, the discourse was the same.

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It has been almost a year since I was raped, and today, no physical scars or bruises are left on my body to prove what happened to me last March. But, I've realized that the deepest scars of sexual assault are not the bruises or the blood, but the torture of not being believed. A year later, I feel even less safe than I did the day that I ran home by myself in the middle of the night. I feel unsafe at UNC, because I have felt the screams trapped in my throat, and I have heard the stories of over survivors, and continue to hear of more and more every day. I have heard the stories of survivors who reported, who asked for help, who went through the process, and who were told they were insane -- their stories are just like mine.

I have listened to, and relived these stories because no one else wants to believe it happens here.

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Many wonder why I stay at Carolina and why I don't transfer to any other school, but the reality is, of the 10 colleges I applied to as a high school junior, each of them has done the same to survivors, each has let even serial rapists graduate unpunished. It's betraying us because, in spite of the numbers of those that come forward, even with stories of bloodshed, bruising, and shame, not a single person is believed, and not a single school will admit that rape is more than just "misconduct. It's betraying us, because while I still love the Old Well, the quad, and those beautiful azaleas that surround me on a spring day on my campus, I can never walk my campus at night without remembering the blood I shed on those bricks, and the memories of being told that walking at night would "invite rape" again.

It took me a long time to call it by its name, rape , but it's hard to forget what it was like to have someone inside me, who ignored my body's language, and permanently wounded my trust of others in just 15 minutes. It's hard to say what could be worse than my rape -- worse than my words being stolen, than the drops of my blood and his semen trickling down my legs -- but a fellow survivor's words captured it perfectly:. Students are attending schools that betray them, campuses in which violence has become a part of the experience, and in which, despite popular belief, there is no punishment for rape, rather a punishment for coming forward.

Students are attending schools in which, even after 40 years of Title IX, a pervasive culture of discrimination to survivors -- one that accuses them of "intimidating" their perpetrators, and "ruining their lives" -- causes hundreds to never graduate, and many to not survive their college years. Campus rape is not fictitious, and there are thousands of students -- your friends, your siblings, your partners -- who are in schools where a felony "can't happen" it if is within one's college years.

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After years, months, and hours of writing stories, reliving nightmares, and speaking out, hundreds of others survivors across the country are proving that campus rape is rampant at every college, even with "Title IX Compliance. While our stories may be sensationalized, and our actions may be vilified, only with our collective action can we reclaim Title IX and hold our universities accountable for deterring sexual violence.

When I filed a complaint against UNC , I never thought that anyone besides my friends and co-complainants Annie Clark, Melinda Manning, and Landen Gambill, and the survivors we knew, would ever understand why we had to take action. As a first year, I escaped a sexual assault only a few weeks into my college career. As a sophomore, I was raped by a person who I only thought wanted to dance. As a junior, I was silenced and betrayed, and I never thought that I would write about my rape, or ever find a forum to make things better for other survivors.

Today, I am a week from being a senior, and this is the first time I write my story -- for the first time, I am not ashamed. Today, students from across the country -- from Amherst, Swarthmore , and Yale, to Occidental , USC , and Dartmouth -- are fighting together to make our campuses safer. Together, each of our stories are proving that our universities and colleges can no longer just seek compliance, and from now on, we are changing the conversation.

We are more than headlines, because no longer are we survivors silent, and no longer will the truth of sexual violence be silenced. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. My sophomore year, reality caught up with me. The spring semester finished, and I began my junior year ready to start anew.

But, my university could help, and there had to be a way to do something about it. The reality is that no school is safe. No school is safe because their idea of Title IX is betraying us. It's betraying us, because it is protecting our rapists. What's worse than rape is betrayal. More than anything, no longer will universities and colleges withhold the real Title IX.

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    Latino Voices. Asian Voices. HuffPost Personal. Special Projects. Pride Impact: Project Zero. More filters. Sort order. Jul 01, Justina Johnson rated it really liked it Shelves: f-f , intrigue , paranormal. This story, which includes characters from 'Crimson Vengeance', is startling and completely enjoyable. There is an unusual mix of tension and suspense hovering around Spokane, Washington and in particular the Riverside State Park six miles northwest of Spokane. It isn't necessary, but it would be helpful to have read the first book in this series, to gather background data on the primary set of lovers within that story although they are a subsidiary pair in this book.

    Additionally for me, I was This story, which includes characters from 'Crimson Vengeance', is startling and completely enjoyable. I was most definitely honed in with my imagination on high alert. This is a genuinely fine book in it's own right. It is a marvelous second book in this series! Kara Lynch is a park ranger at Riverside State Park.

    She is a stunning woman even in her uniform partly due to her spectacular red hair and incredible green eyes. Plus, for those with a special sensitivity, Kara easily would raise the hairs on the back of their neck. Grisly murders are happening within the park and the perpetrator appears to be a wolf, but Kara knows that isn't possible. The expert who was called in to assist startles her the night of the first murder.

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    She is staying nearby, but before they both turned in for the night, Dr. Camille Black Wolf laid one heavy-duty possibly outlandish theory at Kara's feet. Kara is very skeptical, but not close minded.

    That will prove to be positively helpful when nearly unbelievable information from several quarters are soon dumped on her head! Cam is a member of the Crow Tribe of Montana. She has a fascinating heritage. She is also utterly bowled over by Kara. Actually, this attraction appears to be quite mutual. Oh yes! I sense the beginning of a truly electrifying relationship. However, there are a few more pressing matters this team must address. Being versatile and diligent they will focus on the urgent issues.

    Cam's special talents help her identify the murderer and the extreme special interest this paranormal entity has in Kara. Cam also feels it is imperative that Kara's specialness not be overlooked. She convinces Kara to make a short trip to Montana to meet and learn from a special member of Cam's community, Bruce Plainfeather.

    Kara definitely feels that Cam is the real deal and she isn't making idle requests. They go to Montana to meet with Bruce. Events and revelations start to barrel down on everyone with ever increasing speed and urgency. Even with time at a premium, Cam and Kara do manage a moment for tender and intimate relations. Ah, to be youthful and masterfully supple! When the big picture about Kara becomes known and she is able to tap into one of her visions for instructions from the far distant past, things begin to move incredibly fast as time is really at a premium.

    The ending is utterly mind-blowing, with such consequences on the line and everyone willing to take major risks. I nearly chewed off my lower lip, but I wouldn't put the book down. Dec 01, Female Person rated it it was ok Shelves: lgbt. I didn't have the patience for this book.

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    The constant switches of pov's between almost all the characters was so annoying. There was little to no development of the romance between the main characters. That element of the book seemed to have been abandoned half way through the book. Just blandness all the way through this book. Sheree rated it liked it May 14, Joe rated it really liked it May 26, Caspian rated it liked it Mar 15, Cecilia Crescent rated it liked it Sep 01, Vera rated it really liked it Feb 23, Riana rated it really liked it Nov 28, Spooky rated it liked it Mar 05, JoAnne Mills rated it liked it Mar 12, Sharon rated it liked it Sep 03, Jodie Atkinson rated it really liked it Apr 24, Tj Dinwiddie rated it it was ok Aug 20, Claudette rated it really liked it Nov 12, Angela Rash rated it really liked it Jun 16, Dovesari rated it really liked it Aug 05, Alice rated it liked it Jul 29, Ruggedascent rated it liked it Jan 06, admin