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Sometimes I showed the fence to present the truth of their lives there. The land at Wolf Haven comes as close to the environment of their births as possible. The wildness of their surroundings that had been stolen has been returned in the gift of true sanctuary. In the summer, I spent long days with Jesse James, a female gray wolf, and her partner, Shiloh. I pretended not to be interested in them at first, but as soon as I walked away, I turned around and there both of them were at the fence, smelling and staring at me.

They want me to come back? When I did, they would disappear again. This went on for weeks or more, until finally they began to trust me. Jesse would appear, then disappear behind trees, then appear again right in front of me, unaware, striking and powerful. And then she was with me. An ancient being within reach.

Behind us both was our history, our loving mothers, our families and the homes and forests where we grew and that we both missed dearly.

Eye of the Beholder

I sat with them for hours to uncover a moment of connection between two beings. I often used lighting to show the hidden intricacies of their beauty: the dirt on their fur, their sharp teeth and their arresting eyes that can often be hidden by shadows. At first I was afraid of their ferocity and their unsettling stillness.

I also feared not being able to capture their exquisiteness on film, but slowly I began to take them in and to envision their incredible existence. I thought of their need for connection to one another; incredible sense of smell and eyesight; their heightened awareness of everything encircling them; and their ability to remain calm, most of the time, through it all.

We connected through our eyes and, I believe, our hearts. How much I will miss you, sweet Jesse and Shiloh. They were truly in love.

Wolf Haven

Driving back to town, where lives rush by and begin and end, I thought about the wolves and the silence in the sanctuary. I saw the sun piercing through their fur as it glowed and could feel myself sitting quietly in nature, paws crushing through the grass. Animals connect me to my true self. I ache to have a second of their exquisiteness. There is an inner quiet and peace that can be found only while lost in the woods and meeting a gaze with a wolf or a raven or an owl. A wonderful dream. I tried to manifest that feeling in these pictures. I photographed through small holes in an incredibly strong fence that protected me.

Clip: Season 24 Episode 10m 19s. A wolf sanctuary near Tenino, Washington, Wolf Haven International is one of the few places where people are guaranteed to see and sometimes hear this elusive creature up close. Report a Problem.

Wolf Haven | Sierra Club

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Then I saw the wolves.

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