One More Night With The Frogs

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When God sent the frogs upon Egypt, and Pharaoh was desperate to rid his land of this great plague, he called Moses and said he would let the children of Israel go, if the frogs would also leave Exodus Pharaoh begged Moses to entreat the Lord to remove the frogs.

Moses asked Pharaoh " when shall I entreat for thee, and for thy servants, and for thy people, to destroy the frogs from thee and thy houses, that they may remain in the river only? If Pharaoh had truly been thinking properly, would he have asked Moses to wait until the next day? Maybe he was hoping the frogs would go away by themselves, and then he wouldn't have to let the children of Israel go after all.

Or, maybe he was hoping that, before daybreak, his "magicians" would be able to come up with a solution that would allow him to keep his slaves. Whatever the reason, Pharaoh chose to spend " one more night with the frogs ," therefore allowing time for his heart to harden even more.

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Someone has likened sin to a thread. If another person wrapped a thread around you once, it would be easy to break it and escape. But what if you stood there until that thread had been wrapped around you times, or times? Eventually, several strands of that little thread would become strong enough to prevent your escape.

One More Night With the Frogs

Sin works in much the same way. If we would choose to obey God when we first have opportunity, and turn away from sin when we first realize we are involved in it, it would be much easier. Too many people are like Pharaoh; they would rather spend " one more night with the frogs. I once read a story about an eagle that saw a little lamb stranded on an ice flow.

The powerful eagle swooped down and landed on the ice and began to eat the helpless lamb. Up ahead was a giant waterfall over which, in a few minutes, both the eagle and his prey would fall if he did not take to the skies in time. He continued to feast on the lamb, thinking that just before the flow of ice in which his prey was trapped went over the edge, he would spread his powerful wings and take to the skies, thereby avoiding certain death. The only problem was that the eagle failed to realize that his feet had caused the ice to thaw and sunk down into the chunk of ice, which then froze over his feet.

When he lifted his powerful wings and began to flap them for his takeoff, low and behold, he was trapped and was swept over the waterfall to his untimely demise. Remember David? Rather than turning from his lust when he saw Bathsheba bathing, he chose to " spend one more night with the frogs ," and eventually committed adultery with her 2 Samuel David could have avoided adultery if he had broken the thread of sin when he first lusted after Bathsheba. But that little thread became David's cocoon, which led to his having a drunken feast 2 Samuel , and eventually to Uriah's murder 2 Samuel Why didn't David take care of this sin when it would have been so simple to defeat?

The question is a little difficult when we apply it to our own lives. Why do we spend " one more night with the frogs? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away. Will it cost you your soul? This article caught my eye because of the title. Tune in as Pastor Glen gives four areas every believer needs operating in their lives: The presence of God, provision of God, power of God, and purpose of God.

Are you fed up with how things are in your life and in the world? This message is a much needed call to truth and action. You will laugh, cry, and walk away from this message forever changed! As you go through life you will inevitably be faced with situations that allow you to choose what is right or to compromise. No matter what you face choose what is right and know, "God is still on the Throne. Pastor Berteau interviews a veteran California Highway Patrol Officer and draws parallels out of his training and experience that will dramatically change your life forever.

Tune in and take authority! To stream more sermons from Learn to operate in authority! Tune in, as Pastor Glen finishes part 2 of Diary of a Demon. Tune in as Pastor Glen reveals what demons truly are and how to loose the grip that has been holding you captive. What legacy are you leaving for your sons, daughters, and those who come after you? Tune in as Pastor Deborah Berteau uses scripture to teach us that as long as there is breath in our bodies and God on our side, we can make the changes necessary to leave a Godly legacy!

Prayer for One More Night with the Frogs

God's timing is always perfect. Tune in as pastor Glen teaches part 2 on how to hang on to your promise! Have you ever received a good word from the Lord about a situation and then things seem to get worse? Hang on, God has a strategy! Tune in as pastor Glen teaches on how to hang on to your promise!

Are you knee deep in your walk with God? You may be swimming in the shallow end of the pool and not even realize it. Tune in as Pastor Glen shares an exhilarating message about our Savior, the day Jesus rose from the grave! The Holy Spirit? Is He for me? Home should be a place where you feel comfortable, loved, accepted, and safe!

Listen in as Pastor Glen Berteau addresses key issues that make home like no other. You can not have a new day without a night in-between. Learn about spiritual warfare and praise in this incredible message! Have you ever been bound by something you just could not break?

One More Night with the Frogs |

The answer just may be worship. Listen and be set free as Pastor Glen walks us through the book of exodus and the freedom God brought to the Israelite's. What happens when you have an emergency in your life and God seems to be silent? Even When things look dead God is still in the business of doing miracles. Jesus gave you the ability to take ownership of your territory. You are fighting a spiritual enemy, not flesh and blood. Don't sit back and do nothing!

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One More Night with the Frogs

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