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In "Phantom fremdes Wien" , , Lisl Ponger reflects on her view of multicultural Vienna in a reassessment of the material. Pictures of minority Austrians from the first version are juxtaposed with a reflection on their creation and the view of "exotic" Vienna as a film. Julian Rosefeldt, born in Munich; lives and works in Berlin. Sandoval documents the ongoing continuation of the "merging territories project, " and the documentation of his research and contacts especially with MAIZ, Radio Fro and Medea in the course of his stays in Linz and Nice with a wall work.

The public transportation company Linz Linien AG agreed to a cooperation for public space, providing tram ticket machines for the audio installation "soundomat" , At the tram stops Unionkreuzung and Taubenmarkt and in the Arena in front of O. K, conversations with and music by migrants can be selected from manipulated machines, making the often invisible cultures in urban space audible. K in the form of hiking guides. In Linz and Nice they issue an invitation to a banquet in the form of a "Fraschetta" — an Italian tradition of celebrations, where drinks are free, but the guests bring their own food.

The documentation of the "Gesture of Hospitality" that took place on the grounds of the Spinnerei, formerly a Voest residential area, is shown in the exhibition and illustrates different regional and social structures in a complementary show of the event in Nice. In the Installation at the O. K, the debating table is devoted to questions of national identity, in which the exhibition visitors are also included through art mediation programs. A historical picture of an African woman in mounted into hand-colored photographs of Helgoland, underlaid with up-to-date instructions for attaining a new identity.

Tim Sharp, born in Perth, Scotland; lives and works in Vienna since His ideological starting point and his argument for an ethnic Internationale form a counterposition to national views and demarcations, promoting discussions particularly against the background of ethnically motivated wars. With a graffiti-like wall work, Vautier postulates a statement and illustrates his stance with the book "La clef". K, from which the flag-bedecked Villa Arson in Nice can be seen in the south-west through a prepared telescope. The red wheel on a black ground — a conglomerate of anarchist and Roma flags — creates a subtle reference linking both institutions.

At the symbolic level it refers to the pan-European phenomenon of the travelling and dispersed Roma. With his work "Wide City" , which is also exhibited, he offers both institutions a common framework for exploring the European region, its minorities, its internal and external borders. Sozialwohnungen pl. Britisches Englisch Amerikanisches Englisch investment project. Investitionsvorhaben nt. IT-Projekt nt. Britisches Englisch Amerikanisches Englisch major project. Britisches Englisch Amerikanisches Englisch project analysis.

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Weniger anzeigen. GIZ, Burkina Faso, agriculture, decentralisation, water, promotion of sustainable agriculture, decentralisation, municipal development, drinking water supply, human rights, sexual health, Cotton made in Africa, sustainable infrastructure www. The project is largely funded by the European Union; it has an overall term of three years With more than projects this goal was achieved while increasing the total project volume.

Dies ist bei steigendem Gesamtprojektumfang mit nunmehr mehr als Projekten gelungen. Davon entfielen Projekte auf industrielle Auftraggeber. The film is telling about the developments in the framework of this project. Maysoon Pachachi: www. Project experts are providing advice and additional support during all phases of the project. Modules for ftp, pscp ssh , Subversion SVN and zip are included. Specifically, the project partners made the following contributions: GIZ: www.

The project 's target group is the rural population living in the natural protected areas and their surroundings in the three countries, but also the urban population who benefit from the environmental services of the protected areas such as water, prevention of erosion, carbon fixation and tourism. Youth employment projects do, however, require comprehensive labour market information and analyses.

On behalf of BMZ and the German Federal Foreign Office AA as lead commissioning parties, GIZ is implementing various projects and programmes with the AU, focusing on agriculture, education, peace and security, regional economic integration and good governance. More than multipliers, journalists, religious leaders and community and youth activists are using the training material on social integration that has been developed by the project and disseminated in cooperation with its partners. Over 60 of these have initiated their own independent activities. A survey of more than 80 enterprises conducted during the assessment phase for the project confirmed this demand and serves as a guide for the development of programmes at the university.

Die Dialektik der historischen Aufklärung gegen die AfD

In September , the university welcomed its first 40 or so students, who enrolled in a one-year preparatory study programme in engineering. He further underlined the need for expansion of cultural and social cooperation between Iran and Germany. Akselsen said continuation of talks and building confidence over Iran's nuclear case would be useful and necessary to remove concerns of the international community. He expressed hope that standoff over the nuclear case would be resolved through diplomatic ways.

He said his country has had a long record of exchange of views and cooperation with Iran. The Norwegian official added ongoing tension and differences in the world emanate from lack of confidence and countries' failure to know one another, saying talks would be the only solution to tension among states. Boroujerdi, for his part, said exchange of visits between the two countries' officials would lead to mutual understanding and familiarization with realities of Iran. He added it would be among the best ways for Iran's interaction with the West and a determining factor in bilateral cooperation.

The MP said presence of religious minorities in Iran's Majlis and their role in trend of law making are among leading characteristics of Iran. He stated that interaction with other states based on respect and paying attention to mutual interests are among principles of Iran's foreign policy. Boroujerdi pointed to Iran's extensive trade and economic cooperation with European states and expressed Tehran's willingness to expand cooperation with Oslo in different fields.

He said the worrying and tense situation in Iraq and killing and injuring of its innocent people are perpetrated by Al Qaeda and remaining agents of former Baath regime in the country. He voiced Iran's support for a democratic trend in Iraq, saying, "the Islamic Republic of Iran will make use of its utmost potentials to restore stability and tranquility to Iraq. He said continued crisis in Palestine for decades and failure of plans presented by certain countries of the international community are outcomes of missing rings in the peace chain including lack of attention to refugees and non-commitment of the Zionist regime to the UN resolutions.

He pointed to reports released by reputable international foundations on human rights violations in Europe and Norway and offered Iran and Norway to prepare the grounds for recognition of their legal issues and values by holding joint seminars. J alili stressed Iran's inalienable nuclear rights based on Non-Proliferation Treaty NPT regulations and slammed as "irresponsible" the dual and illogical policies of certain Western states on Iran's peaceful nuclear program.

He said efforts made by Iran to reinforce peace and security in the region showed the country's goodwill to establish sustainable peace in the region. He added that regional problems and crises would be settled just through paying heed to principles of democracy, peoples' principled demands and withdrawal of occupiers from the region.

Jalili outlined Iran's stance on establishing peace and security in the region. The Iranian and Norwegian officials exchanged views on bilateral ties, continuation of parliamentary relations and regional and international cooperation. Asked whether full cooperation with IAEA will not contradict the Majlis former decision to limit cooperation with the agency, he said, "we had announced that we would restrict our cooperation with the IAEA in proportion to the limits the agency creates. However, it is a very weak possibility," he said. He added, "we do not welcome any clash but are always ready to defend our country.

The British Queen had better compensate for the past injustices of the British government," said Haddad-Adel. Mottaki said Iran considers its progress and development as that of the neighboring states. President Ahmadinejad reiterated that enemies can do nothing in the face of the Iranian nation's will. He said that today, Iran has scored remarkable success in nuclear domain thanks to the endeavors of its experts and scientists. He went on to say, "enemies have reached a deadlock; our ill-wishers want, as their last resort, to increase political pressure and propaganda against the Iranian nation, which if we resist and go this stage successfully, the final victory will be with the Iranian nation.

The president said martyr Beheshti and other senior government officials who were targeted by enemies of the Islamic Revolution had "safeguarded the revolution with their bloods. Praising the exalted personality of martyr Beheshti, President Ahmadinejad said anyone who insisted on its principles and stepped on the right track would have enemy. Referring to the current conspiracies of the world arrogant powers against the people of Iran, the president quoted a famous and "lasting" sentence of martyr Beheshti who had once said in an address to enemies of the Islamic Revolution, "you are angry with us, so you can die of your anger.

In separate speeches, the candidates offered a broad indictment of President Bush's foreign policies, from the Iraq war to the use of unilateral force to relations with Iran and North Korea. Clinton said the administration has given Iran "six years of the silent treatment. I think we should keep talking. And instead of using inflammatory names, such as "Axis of Evil," the US and its allies should seek and find common ground.

The administration has rejected direct negotiations with Ahmadinejad and has instead pursued international economic sanctions to stop the country's nuclear energy development.

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Meanwhile, nearly all the Republicans vying to replace Bush said during a recent debate they would not rule out using nuclear weapons to halt the program. Vice President Dick Cheney has repeatedly said the administration is keeping all options on the table for dealing with Iran, even as efforts continue to resolve the dispute diplomatically.

The New York senator said US priorities should be bringing troops home from Iraq, demanding that Iraqis take responsibility for their country or lose US aid and intensive diplomacy to restore frayed relationships. She said she would introduce legislation soon to deal with nuclear terrorism. She said the administration has abandoned nonproliferation efforts, cutting off dialogue with Iran and allowing North Korea to reprocess enough material to make nuclear bombs and test a nuclear weapon. Clinton said she would increase funds for the global threat reduction initiative, ensure the removal of highly enriched uranium from research reactors around the world and create a senior adviser to the president for nuclear terrorism.

The discussions focused on how much money India should pay Pakistan for the right of way through the country and security for the pipeline.

Archiv für Februar, 2016

Islamabad is asking for a transit fee for the stretch of the pipeline running from Iran to India. But India wants to only pay for the extension of the line to its border, said media reports emanating from New Delhi, where the talks are being held. Iranian officials will join the talks Thursday to discuss pricing and other issues. Tehran apparently wants prices revised every three years.

The three nations hope to sign a deal on the pipeline next month. The 2,km pipeline will supply around 5 million tons of liquefied natural gas from Iran annually, beginning from India and Pakistan plan to share the gas equally. Washington has pressured New Delhi to drop the project, saying Iran will use the money generated to fund its nuclear program. Tehran maintains its nuclear program is only for energy production and has refused to halt it. The purpose of the visit is to "develop an action plan for resolving outstanding issues" relating to Iran's nuclear program, said Melissa Fleming, a spokeswoman for the Vienna-based agency.

She added that the inspectors would leave for Tehran "as early as practicable. The first sign of Iran's proposal came Friday after Mr. Larijani met for two hours with Dr. Afterward, Dr. ElBaradei said he hoped that within two months a plan for resolving the agency's unanswered questions about the program could be developed. Larijani met with Mr. Solana in Lisbon on Saturday, then returned to Vienna for another meeting with Dr. ElBaradei on Sunday, at which he formally made the invitation. The agency's delegation is expected to be led by its chief of inspections, Olli Heinonen.

He is en route to North Korea, where he is to hold talks on the logistics of shutting down that nation's main nuclear reactor - an offer the North Koreans made to the United States last February. I n Iran, the agency's inspectors are still active, even at Natanz, the nuclear plant where uranium is enriched.

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  • But since February , when the agency's member governing board voted to report Iran to the Security Council, Tehran has kept the inspectors on a tighter leash. The agency is now cautious about the prospects for the visit. But after a year with no movement on either side, agency officials said Iran's overture was welcome. Worse still, according to Ambassador Bolton, the Bush administration does not recognize the urgency of the hour and that the options are now limited to only the possibility of regime change from within or a last-resort military intervention, and it is still clinging to the dangerous and misguided belief that sanctions can be effective.

    As a consequence, Bolton said he was "very worried" about the well-being of Israel. If he were in Israel's predicament, he said, "I'd be pushing the US very hard. I am pushing the US [administration] very hard, from the outside, in Washington. Bolton, however, was witheringly critical of the ongoing diplomatic contacts with Teheran, which he said were merely playing into the hands of the regime.

    We lost four years to feckless European diplomacy and our options are very limited. To his dismay, however, the Bush administration was still clinging to the empty notion that the sanctions route could work, "even though [the UN's sanction] Resolutions and were full of loopholes. The US is still seeking another sanctions resolution and Solana is still pursuing diplomacy," he said bitterly. Bolton lamented that the Bush administration today was "not the same" as a presumably more robust incarnation three years ago, because of what he said was now the State Department's overwhelming dominance of foreign policy.

    Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice "is overwhelmingly predominant on foreign policy. I hate to say that. In a meeting with deputy head of Green Party fraction in the Germany parliament Jurgen Trittin on Wednesday, Jalili said Iran needs uranium enrichment to supply fuel for its power plants, because West has shown hat it does not abide by its undertakings. H e emphasized the need to find an appropriate way to settle the dispute over Iran's nuclear program. Jalili said Iran considers nuclear energy for being cost-effective and not as a security matter.

    He added that Tehran basically calls for destruction of all nuclear weapons in the world through an international cooperation, including with Germany. The Iranian diplomat also welcomed Iran-Germany officials meeting and underlined the positive role of such meetings in promoting mutual understanding. Trittin, who is visiting Iran, said his trip to Iran aims to hold consultations with Iranian officials concerning regional issues.

    He said that both Iran and Germany have similar views about international issues and that Germany recognizes Iran's right to use peaceful nuclear technology.


    He also called for destruction of all nuclear weapons and asked countries possessing nuclear weapons to respect NPT. Trittin said Iran has a basic role in strengthening stability in Iraq and added the only solution for Iraq's crisis is cooperation with Iran. The Germany official also denounced kidnapping Iranian diplomats by the US forces in Erbil, Iraq, as contradictory to international criteria.

    IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei also said Iran would likely be running close to 3, uranium-enriching centrifuges by the end of next month. ElBaradei spoke at the end of a meeting of his agency's nation board, a gathering that focused on Iran's peaceful nuclear program. Under Washington's pressure, the UN Security Council has imposed two rounds of sanctions on Iran to force it to suspend uranium enrichment. In the letter also addressed to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, Iran's permanent mission at the UN said, "Emboldened by the absence of any action by the Security Council, various Israeli officials have unabatedly continued to publicly and contemptuously make unlawful and dangerous threats of resorting to force against the Islamic Republic of Iran in total defiance of international law and the fundamental principles of the Charter of the United Nations.

    Prior to this, the Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, in response to a question in April regarding whether military action would be an option against Iran said, " It is impossible perhaps to destroy the entire nuclear program but it would be possible to damage it in such a way that it would be set back years Indeed, the inaction of the Security Council in dealing with such criminal Israeli policies and practices and the impunity with which this regime has been allowed to carry out its crimes so far have emboldened it to persist on its flagrant defiance of the most basic and fundamental principles of international law and the Charter of the United Nations and to resort to force, aggression and state terrorism as a matter of routine policy, Zarif further said in his letter.

    The Iranian envoy urged Security Council to react to these threats by unequivocally condemning them and demanding that the said regime abandon its policy of flouting international law and the the UN Charter and cease and desist immediately from the threat of use of force against the UN members. Zarif then called for the letter to be circulated as an official document of the UN General Assembly and the Security Council.

    In an interview with the Al-Alam news network, Jamil Al-Shami, the head of the Arab American organization - an official group of the Republican Party - said there are two differing views within the US government over its interaction with Iran. According to Al-Shami, one view believes talks with Iran should be on the table while the other view, supported by US Vice President Dick Cheney, favors military confrontation with the Islamic Republic.

    Al-Shami said recent joint military exercise between US and Israeli forces were in line with the second more aggressive view towards Iran and that they also revealed what he said are the 'common attitudes' shared by the US and the Zionist regime. The US and Israel began a weeklong joint military exercise on Sunday in the Naqab desert in the southern parts of the Palestinian occupies territories. The head of the Arab American Republican Federation said the war games come as the US faces numerous crises - mainly in Iraq, Lebanon and Syria - and needs Iran's assistance to pull itself out of the current quagmire.

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    The declaration argued President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had recently called for the destruction of the Zionist regime and demanded the UN Security Council denounce his comments. The measure failed to pass after a number of UN Security Council UNSC member states including Indonesia and Qatar opposed the move, citing their own critical position on violent Israeli acts in the occupied Palestinian lands. A declaration would need unanimous approval among the entire 15 council members to pass. Hosseini said the Security Council should make clear whether it is responsible for ending the suffering of Palestinians or whether it is primarily interested in the security of Israel.

    The notification came in a ministry circular that carried the statement of Iranian Oil Minister Kazem Vaziri Hameneh saying eligible women should be identified and appointed to ministerial management posts , SHANA news agency reported. Hamaneh said in the process of selecting managers, there should be no discrimination between men and women. The dialogue should cover "the crucial issues of making the best use of energy resources and major environmental problems," he said in an opening message to a forum of European and Persian Gulf academics and experts in the Saudi capital.

    Sarkozy, who took office on May 16, also called for "investing massively" in education and training in both Europe and the Persian Gulf. Participants in the forum will discuss political, economic and energy issues on Sunday and Monday in the third such gathering since Brown for multilateral pressure on Iran - Press TV - Sun, 27 May Britain's prime minister-in-waiting wants a peaceful settlement to Iran's nuclear case and favors a multilateral pressure approach to the issue.

    Speaking in Bristol, western England, at a hustings event for the Labor party leadership Saturday, Gordon Brown said the Iranian nuclear question could be solved through 'multi-lateral pressure'. Asked whether he would rule out military action against Iran's peaceful nuclear program, he said multilateral action and economic sanctions were the best way forward.

    Brown is due to replace the outgoing Premier Tony Blair, who has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the White House over the illegal invasion of Iraq. The US has refused to rule out military action against Iran while Britain has noted that the use of force is not on its agenda.

    Tehran has refused to abide by a UN Security Council mandate calling for the suspension of the country's legitimate nuclear program, as the council has already setup targeted sanctions against Iran. It has also consistently denied any claims that it wants to develop nukes while calling its nuclear program solely peaceful. Both countries stand to gain. We would strengthen investment and make the best use of our shared fields," he said. Iraq has already invited Iranian firms to bid on contracts to build at least four oil refineries in the country, Iraq's Oil Ministry said this month.

    There are many oilfields shared between Iran and Iraq. Foreign Ministry Spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini told a weekly press on Sunday no date or venue has been set for the Larijani-Solana meeting , and both sides have agreed to put it off ". There was a meeting at the level of experts. There was an exchange of views and plans.

    But some of these plans need greater evaluation and study," Hosseini reiterated. When asked about the presence of two more US aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf, he said their presence is not a new development and is probably aimed at "improving the morale of US soldiers. Iran not to Discuss N. President Communicates Iran-S. Bush, still embroiled in the war in Iraq, would be reluctant to take action against Iran until the the latter part of his term, which concludes on January 20, , Feldman said.

    Feldman, a former head of Tel Aviv University's Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies, said he believed that international sanctions were taking their toll on the Iranians. Now the first meeting in preparation for the review of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty NPT has drawn to a close with delegates unable to agree on a closing statement. Nevertheless, the United Nations' Department of Public Information hailed the Preparation Committee as a success, describing it as "constructive discussions on substantive issues in a notably positive atmosphere. The bill, which has been signed by MPs, is seen as a reaction to the US ineptitude to host the international body.

    Following is the full text of the bill: In the Name of Allah Mr. Speaker of the Islamic Republic of Iran's Parliament, this bill signed by MPs has been proposed for ratification process. Introduction Reasons for necessity of the bill : The US administration has violated the United Nations' charter on numerous occasions. Below is a brief outline of those violations:.

    The latest instances of such irresponsible behaviors include the American officials' reluctance to provide visas for several Iranian official figures, including the Iranian parliament speaker, Minister of Health and Medical Education and the Minister of Interior Affairs. With regard to such a 'black' and 'anti-humanitarian' record, the US government, without any doubt, lacks the fundamental qualifications to host any international organization, especially a world body with the size and magnitude of the UN General Assembly.

    Therefore, taking the following insightful remarks by the founder of the Islamic Revolution, the late Imam Khomeini, into consideration, the compilers of this bill present it to Iran's Islamic Consultative Assembly. The late Imam Khomeini With reference to the US government's oppressive policies in the international arena has said, "We have devised our own framework which supports justice and attacks oppression. We will defend the just and combat the unjust. This is the new foundation we have created and hopefully some others will emerge to reshape all the international organizations, especially the UN and its General Assembly, on this basis rather than under the influence of the capitalists and plutocrats who condemn any country they like.

    Europe continues complicit with the US strategy. George Bush has shown no evidence he has given up the idea of attacking Iran. Silently, stealthily, unseen by cameras, the war on Iran has already begun. It is worth recalling the context in which these statements were made. The Islamic Republic said it was ready to support the Arab peace initiative tabled at the Beirut summit in and help to transform the Lebanese Hizbullah into a political party.

    The US administration swept all these overtures aside since its only objective is to overthrow the mullahs. What is the truth? Since the s, long before the Islamic revolution, Iran has sought to develop nuclear power in preparation for the post-oil era. Technological developments have made it easier to pass from civil to military applications once the processes have been mastered. There is no evidence that they have. Is there a risk that they may? Yes, there is, for obvious reasons.

    US troops are deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Iran is surrounded by a network of foreign military bases.

    Bundestag erklärt Maghrebstaaten und Georgien als sichere Herkunftsländer

    Two neighbouring countries, Pakistan and Israel, have nuclear weapons. No Iranian political leader could fail to be aware of this situation. So how is Tehran to be prevented from acquiring nuclear weapons, a move that would start a new arms race in a region that is already highly unstable and deal a fatal blow to the non-proliferation treaty? Iran has a right to do so under the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty but it has always said it was prepared to impose voluntary restrictions on that right and to agree to increased IAEA inspections to prevent any possible use of enriched uranium for military purposes.

    The new proposals produced by the five members of the Security Council and Germany in June contained no guarantee of non-intervention in Iranian affairs. If not, escalation is inevitable. But Iran is a big country rich in history and there is more to it than its president. There is much tension within the government and Ahmadinejad had severe setbacks both in the local elections and in elections to the Assembly of Experts in December There are substantial challenges, economic and social, and forceful demands for more freedom, especially among women and young people.

    Iranians refuse to be regimented and the only strong card the regime has to win their loyalty is nationalism, a refusal to accept the kind of foreign interference suffered throughout the 20th century. Despite the disaster in Iraq, there is no indication that Bush has given up the idea of attacking Iran.

    The demonisation of Iran, aggravated by the attitude of its president, is part of this strategy and may culminate in yet another military venture. That would be a disaster, not only for Iran and the Arab world, but for western, especially European, relations with the Middle East. Facing pressure from members within and outside the United States who had threatened to ban the ACS, it sent letters to 14 Iranian chemists to reactivate their membership. Scientific societies across the world and the United States had formerly condemned restrictions imposed on Iranian scientists.

    Ahmadinejad made the statement on Saturday as the world's six nuclear powers were midway through an official meeting in Berlin to adopt a unified stance toward Iran's reluctance to halt uranium enrichment. Iran as a signatory member of the Non-Proliferating Treaty NPT has denied all such allegations arguing that its nuclear activities are for the peaceful purposes of power production. Given that the fossil fuel resources are exhaustible and all the countries currently seek nuclear energy to meet their demands, the recent pressures by the arrogant superpowers to halt the Islamic Republic is unjustifiable, he added.

    Rejecting all claims that Tehran is secretly pursuing a program to produce nuclear weapons, Iran's chief executive noted the world's nuclear powers would never tolerate an independent country like Iran accessing the nuclear technology. He underlined Iranian nation's vigilance, solidarity and strong-will as helping the country to press ahead with its nuclear plans despite enemies' threats and massive psychological warfare.

    A meeting of nations on the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty ended Friday in Vienna after a last-minute dispute over Iran's nuclear program. Iran, with the support of many developing nations, objected to a summary of the proceedings that expressed "serious concern" about Iran's nuclear program. The Japanese chair of the conference drafted the summary, and it urged Iran to comply with United Nations demands to suspend uranium enrichment.

    Because of the objections, the draft summary was not attached to the official report on the conference but was instead demoted to the status of a "working paper. He noted that several countries, including the member states of the Non-Aligned Movement NAM , objected to the page statement presented by the conference's chairman. He believes the issue was a victory for Iran's diplomacy.

    Soltanieh had previously criticized the agenda, saying it should have included a focus on "all provisions" of the Treaty, including compliance matters and a crack-down on nuclear disarmament especially in the Middle East. Larijani spoke to reporters on the sideline of the Tehran International Book Fair on Friday saying that western powers are wasting their time negotiating Iran's nuclear issue in the context of suspension. In response to the fact that Iran has only two weeks to halt its nuclear program according to the UN Security Council Resolution he said Iran has launched progressive negotiations with EU foreign policy czar Javier Solana.

    If western countries take advantage of the current situation and follow an intellient path an understanding can be arrived at. He referred to his previous talks with western countries saying that the West has emphasized Iran's potential to bring peace and stability to the region. For the same reason it is a shame for them to waste their time talking of suspension instead of using Iran's known capacities.

    Referring to Iran's current nuclear situation he said that when a country like Iran says it is operating in the framework of international standards, logically other nations should consider that and view the situation from a positive perspective. With respect to his next meeting with Solana, he said the exact date has not yet been set. The meetings are aimed at finding a diplomatic solution to Iran's nuclear program that both sides agree to. Regarding the current changes in the Middle East he said one of the most important regional events is the current situation in the Zionist regime.

    The official noted what is happening to that goverment was predictable after the issuance of official reports on the Lebanon war, that suggested that the regime's debacle was in fact pre-planned. He pointed out that this is concrete proof that the UN Security Council lacks legitimacy in its rulings and in particular the way it dealt with the situation of the failed invasion of Lebanon.

    Regarding Dick Cheney's latest visit to the Middle East he said the US has unleashed new strategic plans on Iraq and like all their other undertakings there, these have proved to be ineffective. The status quo in Iraq has come to a standstill and Cheney's visit to Iraq is basically irrelevant to future events there. Despite vast propaganda by Western media, Tehran continues cooperation with IAEA and in the latest case two of the agency's inspectors arrived here yesterday. During their one-week mission, the two inspectors are due to visit Isfahan UCF plant and Natanz enrichment facility.

    In addition, all Iran's nuclear activities are also supervised and recorded by the IAEA cameras installed in all Iranian nuclear sites and centers. The UN nuclear watchdog Friday denied a report that Iran had blocked its inspectors from visiting a nuclear facility where it is enriching uranium i.

    Natanz nuclear facility. Normally we do not comment on such reports but this time we felt we had to clarify the matter," he said. That has not happened because this alleged event did not take place. The Islamic Republic has always stressed its peaceful purposes in developing the nuclear technology, while it has also underlined that it would never give up even an iota of its right of access to nuclear technology. Iran is among the only eight world countries which are equipped with the needed technology for producing a nuclear gas product called UF6.

    Hosseini said the idea of holding talks with the US came after negotiations with the Iraqi officials. Cheney was due to leave for Cairo next.