The Rise and Fall...and Rise Again

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During his three-hour stay in Pittsburgh, the President and first lady somberly laid stones atop the 11 Star of David markers planted in the ground outside the Tree of Life synagogue, where 11 worshipers were gunned down. He didn't make any public remarks, and there were some who protested his visit. Earlier in the day, the President made other news, when he said he could end birthright citizenship with an executive order. But pretty much everybody says that's unconstitutional. Investigators of the Lion Air flight crash that killed people say they've heard transponder pings that could lead them to the plane's flight recorders.

So far, searchers have only found small pieces of debris and some human remains following the plane's crash Monday into the Java Sea near Jakarta. Flight data shows the almost-new jet was performing erratically after takeoff, and the pilots asked air traffic control if they could return to the airport. But the plane didn't turn around, and the pilots never indicated there was an emergency. A Christian woman in Pakistan is free after spending eight years on death row on blasphemy charges.

The Rise and Fall (and Rise Again?) of L.A.'s famed Robertson Boulevard

Asia Bibi was convicted of blasphemy in and sentenced to hang. Her case ended up in Pakistan's Supreme Court, which tossed out the conviction and the death sentence. Bibi was accused of defiling the name of the Prophet Muhammed during an argument with Muslim co-workers. They had refused to drink from a bucket of water Bibi touched because she wasn't Muslim. Bibi said it was a case of women who didn't like her "taking revenge.

James "Whitey" Bulger's violent life met its end in a West Virginia prison cell.

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No word yet on how he died. The FBI is investigating. Bulger was suspected in 19 mob-related killings a jury held him responsible in 11 of those in the '70s and '80s. In , he skipped town ahead of a pending indictment, and stayed on the run for 16 years before he was caught in in California.

The brother of one of Bulger's victims said, "It's a happy day," when asked about the mobster's death. America's young people reported the most mental health problems , and a new survey says gun violence is a huge factor. The survey also lists gun violence as the top stressor for Generation Z. Gen Z is also more likely to get help for mental issues than others, thus the higher numbers.

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It's official. The great Nicki Minaj-Cardi B rap battle of is over. That means we can return our attention to the ongoing 50 Cent-Ja Rule beef. Remember when Segways came out almost 20 years ago , how they were supposed to change the world? Well, don't laugh. They still just might.

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Actor William Daniels, of "Boy Meets World" fame, proved that even at age 91, he's not to be trifled with. He stopped an intruder from breaking in his home. The defender opted to remain with the Ducali and would not rest until they would ascend from the ruins. Parma fans understood Serie D was a strange and sad reality when their side was playing against minnow Emilia-Romagna clubs such as Imolese and Correggese.

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Finishing second in their Lega Pro group and beating their opponents in the play-offs, the Crociati would earn Serie B promotion. It only took Parma three years to return to top-flight football, making them the first Italian club to accomplish three consecutive promotions. Captain Alessandro Lucarelli saw it all — playing in four different divisions in four seasons.

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Now, Parma sits firmly in 13th position in the Serie A with four wins, a draw and five losses. The Ducali are even creating new memories for the fans — the best one where they beat Inter at the San Siro through a Federico Dimarco wonder goal. Print Send to a friend. Fantastic article - first time comment from me. Worthy for an article like this.

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Rolling back time! Matt their best player is foreign player Great article! Parma is a team of much history, they were also the baseline of the Italian National Team that reached the final against Brazil Although a great start to the season, Parma needs to create consistency and stay in Serie A. It would be crucial for the continuation. There was a writer on this same site, I think at the beginning of the season, who was sure Parma would be relegation favorites.

I really disagree, I think they have quite a strong squad at least for a midtable-ish club and if they maintain a certain degree of stability during the season they might be able to build up to a challenge for a European place in the near future. Also at least most of their starting 11 is Italian players.

The rise and fall - and rise again - of Sonic: Sega's answer to Nintendo's Mario

That's not to knock foreign players like others do. And Parma was a real force in the transfer market too, Ortega, Stoichkov, Amoroso and many others high profile players went to Parma. But the original foreigners in Tafarell, Brolin and Asprilla were stars from the beginning Website If you have your own website, enter its address here. This question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. What code is in the image? Your responses will be moderated, and sometimes edited, by Football Italia before appearing on the site.

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