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These skulls are always located in the same spots, and though they cannot be seen until Golden Gate Bridge has been visited, they can be obtained at any point if the player knows where they are. To collect them, simply throw the Hell's Retriever at the skull, and if correctly done it will return to the player with the skull on it.

Once all skulls have been collected, the Demonic Announcer is heard laughing, and a Blundergat can now be picked up from the table by Speed Cola in the Warden's Office. Brutus will talk to the player when it is picked up. Before proceeding with this step, the cycle go to Golden Gate Bridge and return via electric chair must have been completed at least once.

The players have to obtain the spoon used in the process of summoning the Golden Spork. To do this, a player has to throw a frag grenade or the Hell's Retriever at a movie poster in a jail cell near the Warden's Office.

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If done correctly, the poster is removed, revealing a hole in the wall and an Afterlife symbol behind it. A player now has to enter Afterlife, go through the newly appeared Afterlife doorway in the wall opposite of the Warden's Office, next to the high voltage panel and zap at a spoon on the ground next to the crack. The spoon should disappear and the Demonic Announcer is heard laughing. Between the Citadel Tunnels and the docks, in the spiral staircase, the number pad should now be rapidly changing numbers which can also be heard as constant clicking when entering the staircase.

A player should now enter Afterlife and use the number pad to input the mobsters' prison numbers: , , and After each number is entered, the number pad will blink and shuffle the digits. It is advised that the player in Afterlife has another player near their original body to repeatedly partially revive them thus granting more time available for the player in Afterlife to enter the numbers due to the Afterlife meter halting when the player is being revived , as the time in Afterlife would normally be barely enough for an unassisted player to put the correct numbers and revive themselves.

When done, Brutus will talk to the player, the screen will turn black and white and Stanley Ferguson starts narrating the events of the mobsters' escape plan. After the narration ends, pairs of headphones resembling a power-up appear subsequently, continuing the narration. New drops will not appear until the previous one has been listened through completely.

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The first appears on the staircase back up to the Citadel Tunnels, then near Double Tap Root Beer , then on the walkway between the Warden's Office and cafeteria, then in the staircase from cafeteria to infirmary, and finally on the staircase to the roof. After listening through each recording, the Demonic Announcer's laugh is heard.

Now, a player must board the plane in Afterlife. The plane will take off and crash into the bridge as always. The players will land in Afterlife mode, with their original bodies in the electric chairs. Each player must revive themselves, and when done, Weasel will now appear as an enemy target for the other mobsters, and can be damaged by them and vice versa. In order to break the cycle, Weasel must kill all the other mobsters. After convincing him to come to NASA to let them research him, they discover that the star charts he holds lead to an alien planet called Phaelon.

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Time dilation also accounts for the fact that he has not aged, and they decide to keep him on lockdown. David then begins to hear a telepathic voice coming from the ship. With the help of an intern named Carolyn played by a young Sarah Jessica Parker , he escapes from his room and enters the ship. In the course of studying David, he experimented by storing star charts in his mind since the average human only uses 10 percent of their brain capacity.

Unfortunately, after dropping David off, he crashed the ship into some power lines before attempting to leave and lost all his navigation info. Together, they escape from the facility and begin flying around the world and into high orbit. Meanwhile, the NASA men put his family under house arrest. He does, and David returns to his family, happy to be home. One of the main reasons this movie sticks out in my mind was because of the way it merged family-friendly material with genuine scientific ideas. All in all, it was impressive for a Disney flick, and even provided some hard sci-fi elements, such as time-dilation, artificial intelligence, and polymorphic materials.

Army of Darkness: Here is the cult hit that exemplified low-budget ham comedy! In this film, we have an unwitting time-traveler who is transported back in time to the Dark Ages where he is called upon to play the role of a hero. Initially resistant, he eventually takes to the role and ends up saving the day, and finding his way home. The story picks up from its predecessor, Evil Dead 2, where a man named Ash Bruce Campbell is transported back in time through a wormhole after battling living dead forces in his own time.

Equipped with a shotgun, a chainsaw, and some badass one-liners, he finds himself in deep past where warring kingdoms are threatened by the forces of the undead. He is quickly informed that the Book of the Death the Necronomicon is responsible for all of their fates. His initial attempts to help them are frustrated when he botches the ritual for sending the book back into the abyss, and his newfound love interest is captured by the enemy.

However, in the end, he and his newfound allies come together to defeat the Army of Darkness in a pitch battle, and he conducts the ritual one last time to send the book into hell, and bring him back to his own time. A gunfight ensues, the demon dies, and the women swoon. Ash is the king, man! Though negatively reviewed, the movie did capture a lot of Gibsonian, cyberpunk themes and had a more than a few braincells dedicated to it. In short, the time travel in this film involves capturing people from the past seconds before they die and bringing them into the future. Once there, they become vessels for the consciousness of those who pay to bring them forward.

He was supposed to have died in during a race-car driving stint, but now finds himself in The US of the future has become the picture of cyberpunk dystopia, where the rich rule and the poor are numerous and live by whatever means they can. He escapes to find his wife, Julie Rene Russo , who is apparently in the employ of the man who paid to bring him back. He is eventually captured, but is saved thanks to the intervention of one of the chief execs who wants the boss to die. It is revealed afterwards that the process failed, that Alex is still himself, and that Victor knew.

He would rather work for Alex, a man he has come to respect, than the asshole who planned to usurp his old boss. He lets Alex and Julie go, who now have control of the company and continue to maintain the pretense that Alex is now McCandless. All in all, not a bad movie, though it was perhaps miscast and kind of cheesy! Timecop: In the near future, the Time Enforcement Commission is created once it is realized that time travel is possible. Known as Timecops, they are responsible for policing the past and ensuring the protection of the space-time continuum.

One of their chief cops, Max Walker Van Damme , is a man with a haunted past, as his wife was murdered years before by unknown assailants. After conducting an arrest, he is made aware of a conspiracy to alter the future. It is he who sent thugs back in time to kill Walker, due to the fact that he is getting wise to his schemes in the present. Apparently, he was the target, the fact that he survived and his wife was killed was entirely incidental. Having learned all this, Walker makes an unauthorized jump into the past and meets his wife.

After explaining to her what is going on, he urges her to keep his past self with her on the night of the attack while he deals with the thugs sent to kill them. A confrontation ensues in which Walker confronts McComb and kills him by merging his past self with his future self. This violates the law of the same matter of occupying the same space, and both die. He returns to a future his present in which his wife is alive and things are starkly different due to the death of McComb and all his schemes.

In essence, the story is all about the dangers of human avarice and the desire to control the future. On the one hand, it had its own a share of grey matter, but suffers from inconsistencies in that it tries to be an action flick and a respectable sci-fi piece at the same time. Too bad too, because it remains a good and time-honored premise.

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  • Based on a classic premise of time travel being used to prevent a cataclysmic event, the story is a satire on the dangers of human avarice, control, and how easily chaos can result. And of course, there is a temporal paradox angle, where the actions of the time traveler end up fulfilling the very future they were trying to prevent.

    The main character is a convicted felon named James Cole Bruce Willis who lives in a grim desolate future where human beings live underground. This is due to a virus released in , apparently by a terrorist group known as the Army of the 12 Monkeys. To earn a pardon, Cole agrees to go into the past to collect information on the virus that caused the pandemic.

    His ultimate goal is to procure a sample and bring it to the future so a cure can be made. Unfortunately, the technology is imprecise, and Cole is sent off course many times. In his first trip, he lands in and is committed by Dr. Kathryn Railly Madeleine Stowe. While in the institution, he meets another mental patient named Jeffrey Goines Brad Pitt a fanatical animal activist.

    He then is transported to the future where he hears the garbled message, and is told that Goines is a suspected member of the the Army of the 12 Monkeys. Goines Labs, which his father owns, is apparently the producer of the virus, and Jeffrey is believed to be the one who spread it. His next trip sends him to , as planned. Once there, he kidnaps Dr. Railly and goes off in search of Goines. Throughout all this, Cole is troubled with recurring dreams involving a chase and a shooting in an airport.

    When he finds Goines, he learns that he is the founder of 12 Monkeys but denies any knowledge of the virus. Cole vanishes again and Railly begins to wonder if Cole is telling the truth when she finds a photograph from World War I in which Cole appears. Cole, on the other hand, begins to doubt his own sanity, but both he and Railly settle the question when she leaves a voice mail on the number he provided, creating the message the scientists played for him prior to his second mission. They both now realize that the coming plague is real and that the Army of the Twelve Monkeys is a red herring.

    At the airport, Cole leaves a last message telling the scientists they are on the wrong track and that he will not return. He is soon confronted an acquaintance from his own time who gives him a gun and instructs him to complete his mission. At the same time, Railly spots the true culprit behind the virus: an assistant at the Goines virology lab named Dr.

    Peters who is about to embark on a tour of several cities around the world, which matches the sequence of viral outbreaks. Cole attempts to shoot the man but is fatally shot himself while trying to get through security. Peters, aboard the plane with the plague, sits down next to one of the lead scientists in the future and comments about how the world is coming to an end.

    Ultimately, this movie was effective because it combined aspects of a post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie with a psychological thriller.

    At every turn, the reality of their situation remains in doubt, and given the situation, they would prefer insanity to the notion that the apocalypse they are trying to prevent is real. The Primer: This low budget film by master-writer Shane Carruth is perhaps one of the smartest explorations of sci-fi to ever be presented in film. In addition to its experimental structure and deep, philosophical nature, it employs an unapologetic, complex technical dialogue. The story opens when a team of engineers create a machine that reduces the weight of objects, but has the unexpected side effect of causing time travel.

    After building a man-sized prototype, Abe and Aaron decide to cut their two other friends out of the discovery and begin using the device to make trades on the market. However, when a potential financial backer finds and uses the box, which leaves him comatose, Abe concludes that its too dangerous.

    However, he soon finds out that Aaron has already beaten him to the punch and used his own machine to go back in time and ensure that the time machine will be built. Abe eventually convinces Aaron to leave and not attempt to tamper with their past selves again.

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    However, the movie ends with Aaron speaking on the phone to an unspecified person, relaying the information about the box to them. We then see a past version of Aaron working on a building-sized version of the box, indicating that he has ensured his past self will have control over time travel and continue to tamper with it. The movie is considered inaccessible for obvious reasons. For one, its technical lingo is deliberately complicated and esoteric, and the confusing portrayal of time travel and multiple selves that comes from repeated iterations can make a person go cross-eyed!

    But just about everyone agrees, its smart, inspired, and was made on a shoestring budget by a very committed soul. Nobody: Here we have a very interesting story that addresses the concepts of time travel, post-mortality, and the theory of multiple universes. It also embraces the familiar themes of choice and free will, exploring the different consequences that come of them, and tops it all off with a pseudo-spiritual psychological twist. Like many other films listed here, audiences are left in a state of wonder about what they are seeing and whether or not it is real or imagined.

    The story opens in with the introduction of Nemo Nobody Jared Let0 , a year old man who is the last mortal on Earth. Nearing death, people want to hear about his life and experiences, which he begins to relate with the help of a psychiatrist and journalist. However, when the prodded, he begins to spit out contradictory stories that occur in a non-linear narrative which revolve around three points in his life — age nine, when his parents get divorced; at age fifteen, when he fell in love; and at age thirty-four, living his adulthood.

    As a result of this, different scenarios happen which affect his future. With his mother, he finds that there are two choices involving a young love of his named Anna, but neither work out in the long run. In one, he misses his chance while young and reconnects with her later, only to find her unavailable. In the second, they fall in love and enjoy many years together but are sadly separated. They make plans to meet up when older, but he her loses her number and subsequently any chance at finding her again. With his father, who becomes an invalid that he must care for, all the while writing a fantasy novel about life on Mars, things take a similar course.

    Here, events revolve around another series of love interests, and he is called upon to make decisions which will effect the outcome of his life. In one, he is rejected by the woman he loves and is rendered paralyzed after he drives off in frustration and crashes. In another, they get married and she dies in an accident, and Nemo dies in space after spreading her ashes on Mars.

    In the next, he takes random chances and ends up getting murdered as a result of mistaken identity. And in the final one, he wakes up in a strange world where he finds a tape of himself, as an old man, telling him that he does not exist. After all this, Mr. Back at the railway station as a nine year old, Nemo creates a third and totally unexpected choice for himself by abandoning both parents and running away from the tracks, escaping his dilemma and moving towards an unknown future.

    He then finds himself as the adult Nemo sleeping on a bench by the lighthouse and waiting for Anna to return.

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    When she arrives, the two embrace and are ecstatic over their reunion. The movie then cuts to the precise moment where Mr. Nobody dies of old age and the expansion of the universe comes to a halt and time reverses itself. The imaginary year-old man then cackles triumphantly as he springs back into awareness with the realization that his younger self has finally found his one true love and life and conquered causality. However, in presenting this non-linear and highly subjective narrative, the movie provides a fitting commentary on the nature of time and choice.

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    With every decision we make, a million potential outcomes are brought to life and die out in the blink of an eye.