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At present We shout, We send signs of battle, but above all there is rapture in the face of great solutions. Courage opens all doors. Each epoch has its own word. This word is as a key to the lock. Ancient Teachings continually spoke about a potent word which was contained in a precise and brief formula.

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Immutable, like a crystal of known composition, it is impossible to alter in any way the words of these formulas: impossible either to lengthen or to shorten. The guaranty of Cosmos is in the casting of these words. The absolute darkness itself shudders before the blade of the World Command, and it is easier for rays and gases to smite the darkness there where has struck the Sword of the World.

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Let us receive the command of the Cosmos not slavishly but tempestuously! Hence, the time comes when the Light-Force burns the darkness. The time is imminent, and the hour cannot be set back. It is possible to investigate the secret words of all epochs and see a spiral of piercing light.

A legion of worms cannot alter the tip of the spiral, and obstacles merely intensify the ray of light. The law of reflexion creates new forces. And where the speaking one is silent the mute shall speak. A clear brief command is difficult, but on the other hand it is stronger than a magic wand. Affirmation is easier, but a command is like an unexpected pillar of flame from a volcano. A concentrated feeling of personal responsibility lies in a command.

A declaration of inexhaustibility of forces sounds in a command. The impetuousness of the Cosmos is manifested in the vehemence of the command, as a crushing wave. Wipe away the tears of benignancy. We are in need of sparks of indignation of the spirit! What a dam do regrets make, yet wings grow on the end of the sword! Sands can kill, but for Us a cloud of sand is a flying carpet. Much can be forgiven him who even in darkness has preserved the concept of the Teacher.

The Teacher uplifts the dignity of the spirit. We liken the concept of the Teacher to a lamp in the darkness. Therefore, the Teacher may be called a beacon of responsibility. The bonds of the Teaching are like a saving rope in the mountains. The Teacher is revealed from the moment of kindling of the spirit. From that moment on the Teacher is inseparable from the disciple. We do not see the end of the chain of Teachers, and the consciousness imbued with the Teacher elevates the attainment of the disciple as a precious, all-penetrating aroma.

The bond of the disciple with the Teacher forms a link of protection in the uniting chain. Within this defense deserts bloom. My Hand sends the solution amid the crags of the world. Regard the plank roof as more solid than iron. Regard a fixed moment longer than an hour.

The lengthened path is shorter than the vertical precipice. Each ladle is dipped from a well of a different color. Among events are many rushing ones; these distant friends, unconnected externally, fill our basket, and the ultimate light triumphs. It is impossible to dismember the functions of the Cosmos when actions are flowing like a river. What significance has the structure of the waves which bear a useful object? The important thing is that the object be not lost! The main misunderstanding will be of the fact that labor can be relaxation.

Many amusements will have to be abolished. Chiefly, it must be understood that the products of science and art are for education, not diversion. Many amusements will have to be destroyed as hotbeds of vulgarity.

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  • The forefront of culture must sweep away the dens of fools passing time over a mug of beer. Likewise, the use of profanity must find a far more severe penalty. Likewise, manifestations of narrow specialization must be disapproved. It is important to speak about the necessity of commensurateness. I consider it needful to distinguish between recurrent and non-recurrent things. One may put aside an object of daily life, but one must seize upon the calling dates without delay. It may be affirmed that a moment of cosmic possibility is irreplaceable. There are dishes which can be digested only in a certain order.

    The hunter does not go hunting from indolence; he finds out the best hour and nothing detains him. It is possible to find My Stone in the desert, but it may be lost again if it be not lifted up immediately. Those who know Me realize the significance of immediateness, but the new ones must keep this law in mind if they wish to draw near.

    Verily I say—the time is short! I say with solicitude—lose not an hour, for the threads of the ball are multicolored. Not in the pleasantness of repose but in the darkness of the storm is My Voice useful to you: learn to harken! I know people who have let the call escape them on account of their porridge. But My arrow is let fly in the hour of need. My Hand is ready to lift up the veil of the consciousness; therefore, co-measurement of the small and the great, of the recurrent and the non-recurrent is needed.

    Exert yourselves to understand where is the great! I say—time is short! Our condition for the coworkers is a complete desire to apply in life Our fundamentals, not in theory but in practice. The Teacher bears the flame of an unquenchable achievement. The Teaching is interrupted neither by weariness nor by distress. The heart of the Teacher lives by achievement.

    The evolution of the world is built on revolutions or explosions of matter.

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    Each revolution has a progressive movement upwards. Each explosion, as a constructive agent, acts spirally. Therefore, it is in the nature of each revolution to be subject to the law of the spiral. The earthly structure is like a pyramid. Now, from each point of the progressive spiral try to lower the four sides of a pyramid. You obtain, as it were, four anchors, lowered into the lower strata of matter. Such a construction will be fantastic, because it will be constructed upon dying strata.

    Now let us try to build from each point upwards a rhomb, and we get a body of conquests of the upper strata outstripping the movement of the spiral. This will be a worthy construction! Indeed, it must start into the unknown, expanding parallel with the growth of the consciousness. Therefore, construction in revolution is a most dangerous moment. A great number of imperfect elements will press the structures downward into strata of outworn and poisoned substance.

    Only reckless courage can turn the structure upwards into strata untried and beautiful in the maintenance of new elements. Therefore, I speak and shall say again that outworn forms must be avoided in the structure. Sinking back into the old receptacles is inadmissible. The understanding of the New World in all its austerity is needed. What is required in Our Community? First of all, co-measurement and justice.

    True, the second results entirely from the first. Indeed, one must forget about good-naturedness, for this goodness is not the good. Goodness is a surrogate of justice. The spiritual life is governed by co-measurement. The man who does not differentiate the small from the big, the insignificant from the great, cannot be spiritually developed.

    Do understand the name of the son of fear and doubt—his name is regret. Indeed, regret after entering upon the Great Service cuts off all the effects of former labors. He who doubts binds a stone to his leg. He who is afraid constrains his breathing. But he who is regretful of his labor in behalf of the Great Service terminates the possibility of approach.

    How then not to distinguish that courage which leads to attainment? How not to remember the hand that arrested the dagger of the enemy? How not to gird on the force that gave up all for the growth of the world? Understand, I shall repeat without end, so long as the bridge of the rainbow does not yet encompass all colors.

    Cedars preserve a healing tar, but one may smile when the heavenly sap goes into boot grease. Hence, let us guard the principal paths by applying details to useful advantage. Growling and savage yelping fill the air of Earth. Beastly roaring has replaced human song. But how beautiful are the fires of achievement! My Hands know not repose. My Head upholds the weight of the works. My Mind searches out the solidity of solutions. The power of experience defeats alien infirmity. At the point of loss do I pour in the new possibilities.

    On the line of retreat I build strongholds. In the eyes of the enemy I wave the banner. I call the day of fatigue a day of repose. I recognize a manifestation of non-understanding as rubbish on the threshold. I can conceal the sacred in the folds of a working garment. A miracle means for Me only the mark of a horseshoe. Courage means for Me only the arrow in the quiver.

    Resoluteness for Me is only the daily bread. First of all forget all nationalities, and apprehend the fact that the consciousness is developed by perfecting the invisible centers. Some await a Messiah for a single nation, but this is ignorant; for evolution of the planet can be only on a planetary scale. Precisely, the manifestation of universality must be assimilated.

    Only one blood flows, and the external world will no more be divided into races of primitive formation. The Community, as Fellowship, can unprecedentedly accelerate the evolution of the planet and give new possibilities of intercourse with the forces of matter.

    It must not be thought that community and the conquest of matter are found on different planes. One channel, one banner—Maitreya, Mother, Matter! The Hand which discerns the Threads points out the path to Our Community. Indeed, We shall not speak about a precise time when Our place started. Cataclysms molded the favorable conditions, and with Our knowledge We can guard the Center against unbidden guests.

    The existence of violent enemies has permitted Us to close the entrances still more tightly and to instruct neighbors in an effective silence. To transgress and to betray means to be destroyed. The essence of the New World contains a vacuum which is called the node of immobility; in it are being collected the sediments of manifestations of incomprehension of the tasks of evolution. When the brain leads close to these paths of incomprehension of the spirit, the access to Our sendings is almost lost. Can people possibly forget creativeness, directed to the adornment of life? It is necessary to investigate the undeferrable.

    It is needful to preserve personal enthusiasm. It is needful for each one to walk independently—no hand on the shoulder, no finger on the lips. Woe to him who delays the guard. Woe to him who spills rice on the shield. Woe to him who carries water in his helmet. And most of all—woe to gray fear.

    Verily, the net of the world has been cast. It cannot be drawn up without a catch. Truly, not even the very least will be forgotten. The seed has been paid for. Violence was not admitted. Let each one proceed, but I pity those who do not attain. How dark is the return path! Manifest an understanding of the great time. Uplift the chalice; I summon you. Truly, one may look forward to the fulfillment of all prophecies. I do not see the dates being altered. Think through the film of events, and comprehend how unimportant is the exterior; only the inner significance is vital.

    The sowing of generations begins to sprout; the seed is beginning to shoot up. One must know the process of Battle called the casting down of the rocks. When the Battle reaches a certain tension the Leader tears away portions of the aura and casts them at the hordes of enemies. True, the auras of the warriors are violently torn also; therefore at this time the protective net is not strong, but the enemies are smitten especially vigorously. The fabric of the aura burns more severely than lightning.

    We call this method heroic. It must not be thought that we are traveling on a luxury train—we are walking over an abyss on a plank. Tufts torn from the aura leave it like the riddled wings of an eagle. It must be remembered that we ascend the walls without any cover. When a glass is broken it may not rattle at once, but when it reaches the lower gorges the crunching of its fragments is heard.

    You yourselves will understand the rest. The very greatest Forces are in Battle for the salvation of humanity. A manifestation must be understood as evidence not to the eye but to the consciousness. In this lies the difference between your and Our understanding. What you call a fact is a result, whereas We can discern the true fact, invisible to you.

    A blind one judges lightning by the thunder, but one who sees is not afraid of thunder. Thus, it is necessary to learn to distinguish true facts from their effects.

    When We speak about a destined event We see its true origin; but whoever will judge according to visible effects only will be behindhand in his judgment. Indeed, humanity suffers from this lack of discernment, whirling around in the illusions of effects. A creative spark is contained in the process of an event, but not in its effects. Occupied with effects, humanity is like a blind man who can sense the thunder only. It is possible to set forth a distinction between those who judge by events and those who judge by effects. Speak to your friends, that they should learn to observe the real according to the outbreak of the events.

    Otherwise they remain readers of a newspaper edited by a knave. Strain the consciousness to grasp the starting point of events, if you wish to be associated with the evolution of the world. One can name numberless examples of pitiful, culpable and tragic misunderstandings, as a result of which dates were jumbled. The oak grows from the acorn under the earth, but the fool notices it only when he stumbles over it. Enough of errors and lack of understanding in the hour of world tension!

    It must be understood how carefully must one expend energy. It must be understood that only the right doors will lead into the chamber of the Common Good. In each book there must be a chapter about irritation.

    Beyond — A Handbook for the New Era (PDF) – Wes Penre Publications

    It is imperative to expel this beast from the house. I welcome austerity as well as decisiveness. I enjoin you to abolish jeering jests. Each one should be helped to get out of entanglements. One should nip each bud of vulgarity. Each one must be permitted to have his say, and patience must be found to listen. The empty rumor must be cut short, and ten words must be found against each word defaming the Teacher.

    Indeed, remain not silent at an arrow directed at the Teacher. Mother and Teacher—these two concepts must be safeguarded in each book. The light of greatness is not to be extinguished. In cosmic constructions service requires a change of consciousness. There may be mistakes. One may be absolved in the greatest mistake provided that the source is pure; but the measuring of this purity is possible only for an enlightened consciousness.

    Joy in Service can be experienced only through an expanded consciousness. It must be remembered that each three-year period represents a step of consciousness; in the same way each seven-year period represents a renewal of the centers.

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    Learn to understand that the dates of the consciousness are not repeatable and therefore are not to be allowed to escape. It is proper to ask a man who is thinking about entering upon the path of Great Service what he intends to give up. Does he expect only to secure the realization of his most sweet dreams?

    Or is it agreeable to him for a grain of faith to acquire earthly riches and to occupy a position foreign to his consciousness? It is impossible to enumerate the means of expansion of consciousness, but in them all lies the realization of truth and self-sacrifice. It is necessary to understand clarity of thinking and to apply it to the future—thus is it possible to avoid roughness of form in actions.

    One should not ape others. Precious is each grain of decisiveness. I wish to saturate you with daring. It is better to be considered unusual than to be garbed in the uniform of triviality. It is needful to read My Teachings. It is necessary to strive to apply them to each act of life, not on holidays only.

    It is wise to draw a line between past and future. It is impossible to calculate all that has been done—it is incommensurable. After twenty-seven years no one is a youth, and we all can then understand the achievement of Service. Henceforth let us establish a new step. Let us begin to labor, surrounding ourselves with a thousand eyes. Let us acquire purity of thought and co-measurement of actions.

    Thus let us fill our days; let us become used to mobility and decisiveness. Likewise, let us not forget that there is nothing on Earth higher than the given Plan for the Common Good. Let us manifest understanding of the Teachings of life. As Moses brought forth human dignity, as Buddha impelled toward the broadening of consciousness, as Christ taught the good of giving, so now the New World is directed toward the far-off worlds! Ponder, what comparisons surround us!

    Ponder about the cornerstone. Reflect about the given path. Ponder how the boundaries of the Cosmos touch you. Recall the steps of wondrous tensions not in a book but in life. Reflect that so much has not been taken up and absorbed and yet you stand in your place. Therefore, be not disheartened by mistakes, but ascend by the Hierarchy of the Teaching.

    On the day of beginning the new step let us speak without reproach about the great times when we learn to break away from the Earth and already in the body become associated with the Higher Worlds. No one is refused anything; come, stretch forth your hand to the altar of the spirit.

    Affirm the spirit as of matter and remember how the heart trembles before the radiance of the mountains. My Word must affirm you in the beauty of achievement. Facing the path, let us abandon the rules of actions; let us again gather the consciousness above the firmament. It is beautiful to have already the subtle body and find the spirit no more troubled before distant flights.

    Therefore, let us rejoice at each movement on the crust of Earth—let us learn, as it were, to fly therein. To fly—what a beautiful word! In it is already contained the pledge of our destination. When matters are grave, think about flights; let each one think about wings. I send to the daring ones all the currents of space! Verily, it is necessary to have ten exit lanes for one fire. Strong is an action when there are ten solutions behind it. The inexperienced need a fire behind them, but those who have been called may find all the entrances open.

    It is difficult to absorb the large, but it is still more difficult to absorb the small through a broadened consciousness. It is difficult to apply to a small reality a measure of great understanding. How could one insert a big sword into a small scabbard? Only a tested consciousness understands the value of the seed of reality. Rulership is not in crowns nor in crowds, but is in the cosmic expanse of ideas. Thus, the Teachings of life complement each other, having no need to attract multitudes.

    You were told that I would give a third book when the community is accepted. Yet multitudes are not needed by Us; only the consciousness of those who accept are needed by Us. That is why We give the third book Therefore We reiterate about the facets of Truth, and hence We prefer to bless upon birth instead of taking upon Ourselves funeral processions. For some it is necessary to trumpet the Teaching into the ears, for others one may only set the landmarks, for still others it is possible only to give monosyllabic hints, if their consciousness can contain ever-so-little. How then does the Teaching welcome those who can take in each and every crumb, esteeming the universal significance of each of them!

    The crumbling of eons shifts entire worlds. For that reason your thoughts are directed toward preservation of mental energy. Each organism is moved by a particular energy, but it is necessary to establish the precise direction of the basic aspiration. Once the disciples asked the Blessed One how to understand the fulfillment of the commandment of renunciation of property. After one disciple had abandoned all things, the Teacher continued to reproach him in the matter of possessions.

    Another remained surrounded by things yet did not draw reproval. The feeling of ownership is measured not by things but by thoughts. Thus, the community must be accepted by the consciousness. One may have objects and yet not be an owner. The Teacher sends the wish that evolution grow lawfully.

    The Teacher can distinguish those who have liberated their consciousness. Thus said the Blessed One; and He asked in general not to think about ownership of property, for renunciation is a cleansing of thought. For only through purified channels can basic striving make its way. I call to mind a tale heard by Akbar. The Teacher has accepted the full measure of faithfulness. My Hand is to the hand of the wayfarer as fire in the darkness. My Shield has the tranquility of the mountains. I know, I know, how straitened it is for My Community. The revelation of the bases of construction is manifested in quietude.

    When a difficulty with an inheritance presents itself, it may be said that it is possible to leave to the community the wish that the use of certain objects be given over to a certain person for a trial period of three years. Thus the inheritance will be turned into a worthy cooperation. One may entrust specially chosen people to look after the quality of certain works. It is needful to fill the consciousness with a realization of continuous test, for people still do not know how to work under test. Meanwhile the whole substance of the world is engaged in mutual testing.

    But one should understand that testing means also improvement. We always begin with a very small outline. This is an experiment very many centuries old and is also a basic cosmic principle. A solid and indivisible seed will produce a growth of elements. But wavering and lack of sensitiveness, repeatedly manifesting, result in haziness. The sensitiveness of the vital principle compels economizing with firm seeds.

    Thus, the chemist values indivisible bodies. Truly, the structural unit must be inviolable when it has been called forth by the necessity of evolution. One should understand the distinction between that which is admitted and that which is incontestably given. Our Community does not need affirmations and oaths. Genuine are the expenditures of labor, and unforgettable are the manifestations of obligation. Can there possibly be prolixity where lives have been taken into custody—where an hour may become the longest measure?

    Could one betray the possibilities of a time when spirit and movement are being denied? It is necessary to overcome timidity, to sense the vortex of the spiral, and in the heart of the vortex to have the tranquility of courage. So much have I said about courage and against fear, because We have only a cosmic scientific method!

    Financial Market Infrastructure Conference II: new thinking in a new era

    At entrance one must make accounting to oneself as to where is fear and whether the courage is steadfast. I do not see a single detail of dialectics or methodics. We know only the austere flowers of necessity. And it is necessary to reach Us carrying a realization of immutability. Austerity is not insensibility, and immutability is not limitation. Through all the gravitation of the firmament you will sense the vortex of space, and you will stretch forth your hand to the far-off worlds. It is impossible to force the perception of the manifestation of the worlds; but, indeed, through this cognizance do we accept responsible labor and devote ourselves to the real possibilities of evolution.

    In order to understand mobility of action, one should muddy the surface of water in a basin and observe the immobility of the lower strata of the fluid. To move it, it is necessary to stir the surface sufficiently strongly that the rhythm may carry to the bottom without break. Negative forces do not have a conduit to the bottom, because for this it is needed to decompose the primary substance; such an experiment is beyond their strength. Newcomers often inquire where the boundary line is between a mobile stratum and an incontestable foundation. Indeed, there can be no established boundary, but the law of refraction is established, and an arrow cannot reach without intersecting the predetermined line.

    How then to prevent the dealing of a blow to the strata? Indeed, it is necessary to provide for firm pillars, which will break up a current. I have mentioned the spindle of the spirit as the center of a spiral. Keep this structure in mind, because inflexibility, surrounded by centrifugal motion, can resist all agitations.

    The structure of Our Community calls to mind the same spindles surrounded by powerful spirals. It is the best structure for the battle, the end of which is a foregone conclusion. Thus, it is necessary to understand Our structures materially. And why is an unintelligible abstraction necessary, when the principle of the Cosmos is one? The system of the growth of crystals also demonstrates how multiform is the world of gravitation.

    Seekers can understand that one has to proceed along material lines in pursuing higher knowledge. Whoever does not love the clarity of crystals will not reach Us. Unrepeatable purity means perfection of form. One may show a crystal to a child, and the child will grasp the perfection of it. Indeed, the structure of the crystal of the community will yield perfection of form. Why is it necessary to be awkward? Why is it necessary to create an impression of ignorance?

    Why must those who adhere to Us be neglectful? Why must they adopt quarrelsome manner when a dispute is going on? Why must they prattle without end? Go around unwarranted dirt. You see how necessary it is to emphasize each detail; otherwise the customs of Our Community will not be strengthened in you. The discipline of freedom distinguishes Our communities. Not only is the spirit disciplined, but also the qualities of external actions.

    It is not Our custom to grieve too much. It is not Our custom to censure too much. It is not Our custom to count on people too broadly. It is not Our custom to expect too much. The first conference in this series was organised and hosted by De Nederlandsche Bank in Financial Market Infrastructure Conference II: new thinking in a new era An interdisciplinary conference for policy-makers, practitioners and academics.

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