Unheard, Unseen...: A Novel

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The surprising solution comes in the form of a Canadian submarine.

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Commander Michael Simpson, nearing the end of his career with the Canadian navy has few doubts concerning his untried boat's capabilities, and he knows that his crew is the best out there. The only answer to his orders is the same one that has echoed throughout the history of one of the world's best-trained navies; 'ready, aye ready'.

The scenarios are fairly realistic, or certainly possible. For those who think our military has only ever run around the world on Peace Keeping missions, I apologize for the bitter dose of reality.

Unseen Unheard Unknown

I usually just suggest they Google 'Canadian nuclear weapons' and acquire some real knowledge concerning Canada's military past. To them, I give my thanks.

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Unheard, Unseen It is and North Korea has purchased four outdated submarine launched ballistic missile boosters from a French company tasked with destroying the rockets. Both the US and Canadian governments however, know too well what the unstable North Korean leader intends for the rocket boosters in light of his failure to successfully launch a missile of his own.

Unseen, unheard, unknown

It is , and the Cold War is hot! Citro was not fond of the forced name-change, fearing that the novel would become like its namesake and barely be read. Citro's prediction proved unfortunately to be correct, and the novel did not fare well.

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In , it was re-released under its original title by Hardscrabble Books and enjoyed greater success. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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