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When Grendel comes to kill them, Beowulf fights him. Beowulf tears Grendel's arm off from his body and sticks it on the wall as a trophy.

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Grendel runs to his home in the marshes , where he dies. Everyone is happy that Grendel is killed and celebrates.

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But the next night, Grendel's mother comes to Heorot and kills many people for revenge and grabs Grendel's arm. Beowulf then goes to the marshes where Grendel and his mother lived. Beowulf fights Grendel's mother and kills her.

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Beowulf later becomes a king. He fights a dragon that was living in a barrow. With the help of the young man Wiglaf, Beowulf kills the dragon. Beowulf is wounded in the final battle and dies.

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The story of Beowulf has often been told in books, plays, and films. Sometimes the full story is told, sometimes just parts of the story.

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Sometimes the plot is altered. Sometimes only ideas or themes are taken from the story. Some examples are:.

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Beowulf facts for kids Kids Encyclopedia Facts. The chapter discusses three stage plays suitable for high-school audiences. In an effort to convert the poem into a modern idiom, Beowulf is retold as a news or reality show; several students pose as reporters and their names Jeff Chaucer, Christine Marlow, Bobby Burns suggest a hazy conception of the historical past.

In providing the requisite historical background, the first stumbling block are the allusions, the most basic of which must be laboriously annotated, here emphasized by a series of homophonic puns. Search all titles.

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