Audel HVAC Fundamentals, Volume 1: Heating Systems, Furnaces and Boilers

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Audel HVAC Fundamentals, Volume 1: Heating Systems, Furnaces and Boilers

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This textbook provides a concise, systematic treatment of essential theories and practical aspects of refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. Davis by Roger D. Principles of Heat Transmission. Heat Transfer Values. Thermal Conductivity. Thermal Resistance. Overall Coefficient of Heat Transmission. All rights reserved. Insulating Materials. Rigid Insulation Board. Related Papers.

By Radwan Slaiman. By Pedro Henrique. By Mukhtar Ali. By jasa nasution. Extra Content.

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S a Lk5FQN? P47 j2EMw? Table of Contents Introduction. About the Author. Chapter 1: Introduction.

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Heating and Ventilating Systems. Air Conditioning. Career Opportunities. Professional Organizations. Chapter 2: Heating Fundamentals. British Thermal Unit. Relationship Between Heat and Work. Heat Transfer. Specific, Sensible, and Latent Heat. Heat-Conveying Mediums. Chapter 3: Insulating and Ventilating Structures. Insulating Structures. Principles of Heat Transmission. Heat Transfer Values. Thermal Conductivity. Thermal Conductance. Thermal Resistance. Overall Coefficient of Heat Transmission.

Vapor Retarders. Insulating Materials. Rigid Insulation Board. Reflective Insulation.

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Blanket or Batt Insulation. Loose-Fill Insulation. Blown-In Insulation. Foam Insulation. Building Construction and Location. Recommended Insulation Practices. Frame Walls. Sandwich Construction. Basement Walls. Crawl Space Exterior Walls. Wood or Metal Joist Frame Floors. Concrete Floors. Slab-on-Grade Floors. Floors of Sandwich Construction. Frame Ceilings and Roofs.

Concrete Ceilings. Sandwich Ceilings.

Windows and Doors. Ventilating Structures. Rule-of-Thumb Methods. Outside Design Temperature. Inside Design Temperature. Design Temperature Difference. Determining Coefficients of Heat Transmission. Calculating Net Area. Heat Transmission Loss Formula. Computing Total Heat Loss.

Loss in Doors and Windows. Loss in Basements. Loss in Slab Construction. Infiltration Heat Loss. Ventilation Heat Loss. The Average Value Method. Heat Loss Tabulation Forms. Estimating Fuel Requirements and Heating Costs. The Heat Loss Formula. The Corrected Heat Loss Formula. The Degree-Day Formula. Other Heating Costs. Determining Utility Rates. Chapter 5: Heating Fuels. Natural Gas. Manufactured Gas. Liquefied Petroleum Gas. Fuel Oils. Coal Oil. Wood as Fuel. Ash, Slag, and Clinker Formation. Comparing Heating Fuel Costs. Chapter 6: Warm-Air Heating Systems.

Classifying Warm-Air Heating Systems. Gravity Warm-Air Heating Systems. Forced-Warm-Air Heating Systems. Ceiling Panel Systems. Crawl Space Plenum Systems. Balancing a Warm-Air Heating System. Warm-Air Furnaces. Control Components.

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Ducts and Duct Sizing. Cooling with a Warm-Air Heating System. Air Cleaning. Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers. Advantages of a Warm-Air Heating System. Disadvantages of a Warm-Air Heating System. Troubleshooting a Warm-Air Heating System. Chapter 7: Hydronic Heating Systems. Classifying Hot-Water Heating Systems. One-Pipe System. Series-Loop System.

Two-Pipe, Direct-Return System.

Audel HVAC Fundamentals Vol 1 Heating Systems Furnaces and Boilers: Builder's Book, itamomikad.tkore

Two-Pipe, Reverse-Return System. Combination Pipe Systems. Zoning a Two-Pipe System. Radiant Panel Heating. Other Applications. Gravity Hot-Water Heating Systems.

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Forced-Hot-Water Heating Systems. Hot-Water Boilers. Hydronic Furnaces. Combination Water Heaters. Pipe and Pipe Sizing. Expansion Tanks. Circulating Pumps Circulators. Heat-Emitting Units. Moisture Control. Electrically Heated Systems. Advantages of Hydronic Heating Systems. Disadvantages of Hydronic Heating Systems. Troubleshooting Hydronic Heating Systems.

Chapter 8: Steam Heating Systems.

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